Mentor Programs

Connections are critical in the PKU Community. The NPKUA's Teen & Adult Program hopes to have many projects that connect teens and adults to one another. 

Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.

John Crosby

The program is pleased to announce the first project is the Maternal PKU Mentor Program that is  housed on this site and allows women with PKU who are pregnant or wish to become pregnant to partner up with a woman with PKU that has had a successful pregnancy.

Plans are underway to also create a Teen Mentoring Program that will be geared specifically towards teens and pre-teens. In this program, young adults who fulfill the expectations of a mentor will provide guidance and support for pre-teens and teens to stay on track with their diet as they learn to become more independent and go through transitions in life, such as starting high school or college, and entering the workforce.

The Maternal PKU Mentor Program

The Maternal PKU Mentor Program is a unique program that establishes a mentor-mentee relationship between two women with PKU; one being pregnant or planning to become pregnant and the other having already experienced a successful pregnancy. MORE >