The Maternal PKU Mentor Program

A peer mentoring program for women with PKU who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

Looking back over my pregnancy, I know that I wish that I had the option of talking to a woman with PKU who had given birth to a healthy baby. Perhaps, the, this mentor would have ben able to reassure me that my worries, although real, need not be experienced alone nor overwhelm the very real miracle of being pregnant.

PKU Maternal Mentor

The Maternal PKU Mentor Program

The Maternal PKU Mentor Program is a unique program that establishes a mentor-mentee relationship between two women with PKU; one being pregnant or planning to become pregnant and the other having already experienced a successful pregnancy. 

The PKU mentor who has dealt with similar frustrations and worries with her own pregnancy, will offer and ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, and every day practical tips to the mentee as she journeys towards a successful pregnancy.

The guidance and support provided by mentors is not meant to replace medical care, but rather serve as a personal way to enhance and support it. 

Once a woman chooses to become a mentee, she will view the mentor profiles and work with her dietitian and the NPKUA to be matched with a mentor that she feels best fits her personality and pregnancy needs.

The Maternal PKU Mentor Program is a rare and meaningful opportunity to experience the joy and challenges of pregnancy and PKU with someone who truly understands.

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