Medical Food Manufacturers

Several medical food companies also have patient assistance programs to help you get coverage for medical foods. Please contact the manufacturers below based on who makes the medical food you consume:

Abbott Nutrition
    Abbott has a patient assistance program to help adults and families with the cost of their medical foods (such as Phenex products) For more information:
Cambrooke Foods
    CAMBROOKEcare  is a full service program designed to help you manage your medical food coverage and reimbursement options. Call 866-383-9455 or email to get started.
Mead Johnson

    Mead Johnson runs a service called Helping Hand for Special Kids Program that may be able to provide assistance. Please email us to request more information.

    Vitaflo’s formula4success program gives personal and knowledgeable support about the distribution and reimbursement process. For more information, call 888-848-2356 or visit the program website.
    Nutricia's Reimbursement Care Specialists are your dedicated resource to help you navigate your insurance plan, medical food coverage, formula reimbursement options and find a product supplier. Call 1-800-605-0410 for free product samples and to get started. Let Nutricia help you.